Social Pedagog Years 4 & 5



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Social Pedagog Years 4 & 5

Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) is a leading independent school group ("friskola") with academic results far above average and a diverse and energetic staff. Teaching is through both Swedish and English, with English the language of the corridors. IES is one of Sweden's largest school groups at "Grundskolan" with 43 schools and around 30,000 students across the country. IES has grown steadily and maintained quality since 1993.

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IES Årsta is looking for a Social Pedagog for Years 4 & 5. The purpose of this role is to maintain and promote the IES ethos of a calm and safe learning environment and 'tough love' by fostering a culture of respect and positivity among the students.  In this role, you will work closely with our Head of Year 4 & 5 as well as members of the Student Care Team to support our students in the development of the social and emotional needs. 

Responsibilities and Duties Include:

- On a daily basis support the school's discipline ladder through responding and investigating daily incidents, follow up with documentation and parent meetings for the designated Year groups. 
- Organises and promotes positive break time activities with students during student breaks and class transitions to promote positive culture throughout the school for the designated year groups. 
- Support with the emergency support process as delegated by AP/P to support teachers with maintaining a calm and safe school environment as needed per the emergency support routines for the designated year groups. 
- Monitor behaviour trackers for students in the designated year groups. 
- Communicate bullying investigations to HoS and support when needed. 
- Contribute as a collaborative member of the student care team, through department meetings and preventative work. 
- Supports calmness and high expectations outside the classroom to ensure students are in class and learning. 
- Role models and demonstrates appropriate individual student interventions and conversations and both encourages and guides school staff to use these independently with students in line with the IES ethos.
- Take substitute lessons based on the needs of the school. If this position interests you please submit your CV and a letter of application to the careers site or mailed to

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Social Pedagog Years 4 & 5

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