Teacher, Mathematics, Science , Ages 13 - 15

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Teacher, Mathematics, Science , Ages 13 - 15

About this vacancy

Internationella Engelska Skolan is one of the top Free Schools (friskolor) in Sweden. Internationella Engelska Skolan in Staffanstorp will  opened in August 2022 and have 480 students in year F-7. 

Our Educational Philosophy:

  • To command the English language, the key to the world

  • A safe and orderly environment, in which teachers can teach and students learn

  • High academic expectations

The teaching at the school is in both Swedish and English, and we follow the Swedish national curriculum.

We are now looking for a Year 7-9 Math and  Science Teacher!

Who are we looking for?

  • A qualified, professional teacher to teach  Math and Science in year 7-9. We require läralegitimation or if internationally qualified, a current teaching license/registration plus a Bachelors degree and teaching qualification. (ESL qualifications such as TEFL are not applicable)

  • An enthusiastic, committed, team-player, willing to go the extra mile for students and colleagues.

  • A teacher who is excellent at creating positive relationships with students and getting them engaged in the subject being taught

In addition to teaching meaningful and enjoyable lessons, all staff are expected to be well organised, take pride in their mentorship and other school duties and be good role models for our students.

Teaching will be in English and being a native English speaker is a merit. You will follow the Swedish national curriculum so an understanding of Swedish is valuable although not required.

Besides the teaching you will be the mentor of 16-18 students.

About IES

Internationella Engelska Skolan (IES) is a leading independent school group ("friskola") with academic results far above average and a diverse and energetic staff. Teaching is through both Swedish and English, with English the language of the corridors. IES is one of Sweden's largest school groups at "Grundskolan" with 46 schools and around 32,000 students across the country. IES has grown steadily and maintained quality since 1993.


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Teacher, Mathematics, Science , Ages 13 - 15

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